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JEZTER © 2018




Jezter is a very unique and useful tool for all parents! I specifically like the fact that parents can create time-controlled playlists for their children. This allows for ultimate control over the child's screen time, while using their device.


I am a mom of little kids. We try to have a balanced life, and part of that includes having safe tech time for my children to watch. I love the Jezter because all the media on this app is carefully looked over by parents, keeping their children in mind! There is a section for parents only, where you can choose the playlist of things your kids can watch to customize it for them! I have peace of mind knowing they are watching something educational and clean. And let's be real, all moms need a guilt free break during the day, so this is perfect for parents and kids alike!


As a single mother of two children under five, I do have to find ways of keeping them distracted so I can get on with daily tasks around the home. Using Jetzer on their tablets is one of these ways, the kids can have some down time & I know they are happy & safe watching the right programmes for their age range with no surprise content. I can’t recommend it enough! 


This is a great product to have in an age where we constantly have to monitor what content children are consuming. Jezter truly takes that burden away and puts the power back into the hands of the parents. Incredible parental control!

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